Our Activities

Tree Plantation

Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission, (Kumarghat Branch), always focuses on social welfare activities. Throughout the year, we plant saplings in various parts of our Orphan Home, Ashram, and the nearby areas of Kumarghat. We also encourage the residents of Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission Children’s Home to plant trees and protect the Green.

Child Nutrition Camp

Children are the heritage of the lord. We don’t need to worship God if we care for Children as they are the purest form of Love. To take proper care for them, we organize Child Nutrition Camp. Here, we motivate the parents of the children to carry a healthy lifestyle and maintain hygiene.

Health Camp

From Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission, (Kumarghat Branch), we organize Health Camps for the poor and destitute people of remote and rural areas of Kumarghat, Unakoti District. Many patients make a regular visit to these clinics and many of them are getting the benefits and got cured. Medicines are distributed free of cost.

Yoga Camp

To keep yourself fit and fine and make yourself healthy you need to make a regular practice of Yoga. From Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission, (Kumarghat Branch), we organize Yoga Camps. These types of camps are mainly a motivational program where we encourage people to do Yoga. People from various parts of the Kumarghat area and people of different ages take part in these camps.