Our Projects

Orphan Home

Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission, (Kumarghat Branch) is a renowned name in the area of Kumarghat, Tripura where people come mainly for spiritual works but from this Mission, we run an Orphan Home. Here, about 47 residents live in our Home. Boys from the age group of 6-18 come to us and from our side, we try to take care of them through our various Home facilities. Not only food and lodging but also they get primary or secondary education from nearby schools free of cost. Residents come to our Home from special recommendation by higher Govt Officials like the District Magistrate or Local Police Station.


From Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission, (Kumarghat Branch), we always help poor students. We consider the promotion of education is our primary task as we all know the value of education in our life. Education is the key to success and in any condition or circumstances, it should not be stopped for anyone. Keeping this in mind, we provide help to the students who can’t get the facilities to go to a school or get the chance to formal education. We help students who are appearing for Madhyamik, who are appealing for Higher Studies. In various forms, we try to help them like giving some monetary assistance to giving school uniforms, books, copies, pens, and other stationery items.

Social Welfare

Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission, (Kumarghat Branch) is a reliable name in the mind of the people of the Kumarghat area of Tripura. Though we are a religious organization, we do various social welfare activities like we provide help to the poor or to the people who are suffering from some deadly diseases but can’t afford the expenses. From our Mission, we also organize some community development work. Through our activities, we try to uplift the quality of life people are living in the distinct areas of Kumarghat by encouraging them in various ways and educating them to live in a healthy and hygienic place.

Youth Welfare

Youths are the future of our generation and from Ramakrishna Abhedananda Mission, (Kumarghat Branch), we always encourage youth boys and girls and help them in various ways to get them settled in life. For this, we organize seminars and meetings especially to motivate them and to learn different interpersonal skills. All of these are specially arranged for the youths which will help them to get jobs and will help them to meet the needs of their families.